Patio Club


The most popular Premium Seating option to watch the performers from a private table for six with an umbrella shade!

Enjoy the air show’s excitement directly from the Patio Club lawn experience. Experience the aerial performances from the crowd-line viewing area where the pilots, crews and planes prepare for their daily performances. The Patio Club tickets are specific for either a Saturday or Sunday admission (Limited Availability).  Just add a GOLD Airport or BLUE Remote Reserved Parking Pass now ON-LINE.

2018 WOMB Venue, Premium Seating, Camping & Parking Overview

Patio Club Tickets Include
  • Premium Seating & Viewing Area
  • (6) Patio Club Entry Tickets
  • Reserved Table in Purchaser’s Name
  • Umbrella Shade
  • Dedicated Restroom Facilities

Saturday -- (Front Row)  SOLD OUT
Saturday -- (2nd & 3rd Rows)  SOLD OUT

Sunday -- (Front Row)  SOLD OUT
Sunday -- (2nd & 3rd Rows)  SOLD OUT