2018 WOMB Venue, Premium Seating, Camping & Parking Overview

  • TICKET QUESTIONS — Fans must contact the ETix Hot-line at (888) 695-0888 with all On-Line Advance Ticketing questions.  This is an outdoor event — scheduled events, performers & activities are subject to change without prior notice.   All air show sales are final.
  • SATURDAY & SUNDAY PERFORMANCES -- Both SAT & SUN air show performance days are the same, unless mechanical issues force a team/performer to cancel. 


    • GENERAL ADMISSION SAT & SUN PERFORMANCE AVAILABLE (Save $5 Today on Advance Purchased Tickets)
    • Family Club  Chalet — SOLD OUT
    • Patio Club Experience — SOLD OUT
    • Bleacher Seating -- SOLD OUT
    • Box Seating — SOLD OUT
    • Photo Club Experience  -- SOLD OUT
    • Premium Air Show Camping -- SOLD OUT

*Advance Ticket Sales Office -- WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY - FRIDAY

*Located in the Myrtle Beach Commons Area -- Just enter on Air Park Drive from the Farrow Parkway to locate the Advance Ticket Sales Booth on the very end of Air Park Drive (Wed-Thu-Fri). 

2018 WOMB Advance Ticket Sales Office (Location)

  • 9:00 am:  Airport Advance Ticket Sales Office Opens

    • Purchase Advance Air Show Ticket Entry Armbands
    • Early Opportunity: Exchange any Advance Air Show Ticket Vouchers for Ticket Entry Armbands (Speeds Up Your Sat & Sun Air Show Entry Process)
  • 5:00 pm: Airport Advance Ticket Sales Office Closes

  • WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY TO ATTEND THE AIR SHOW -- Military Base Open House (free shows) utilizes the American Taxpayer Dollars to underwrite the performer & operational expenses.  Regarding the Wings Over Myrtle Beach -- Civilian Venue (ticketed shows), please consider air shows have significant costs that the event organizer is responsible for (i.e. venue lease, security, fencing, tents, sanitation, performer fees, aircraft fuel, smoke oil, mobile arresting gear, hotels, rental cars, food, etc.).  To host a world-class event like the one planned for April in Myrtle Beach, these performer, teams, & operational costs have to be recovered.  For Civilian (non-military) air shows, the majority of the expenses is covered through the sale of tickets, sponsorships, exhibitors, and concession sales.  Ticket admission prices, premium seating and camping options are based on the benefits offered as some options provide additions benefits – tenting, food, drinks, premium seating, etc.  For those of you able to attend the inaugural Wings Over Myrtle Beach Air Show, we look forward to hosting you!  
  • FAA/DOD/DHS REGULATIONS -- Individual performer & team demonstration times may not be posted.  In the event of inclement weather, Acts Of God — FAA and Public Safety authorities may direct adjustments to the show & performer schedules including the possibility of postponement or cancellation.  If weather becomes an issue, there are normally three optional flying profiles available to complete the show: High Show, Medium Show and Flat Show. 

Air Show Parking

An advance GOLD AIRPORT Reserved Parking Pass is the best parking option available!

General Admission

Find your spot, set up your folding chairs and enjoy a world-class air show event.

Bleacher Seating

Experience the air show performances from our elevated bleachers.

Box Seating

Experience the air show aerial performances from our premium box seating center.

Patio Club

Enjoy all the air show’s excitement directly from the Patio Club lawn experience.

Family Club

Enjoy all the air show’s excitement directly from the Family Club Chalet with food & beverage services provided.

Chairman's Club

For the air show fans that demands the best!  Enjoy the aerial excitement with crowd-line seating & concierge style services.

Photo Club

We offer a limited number of Photo Club Experience passes to our non-media photographer fans.  Enjoy close-up imagery at its finest.