Volunteers & Groups

Volunteer & Non-Profit Groups

Non Profit OrgWe have numerous opportunities for volunteers, non-profit groups & organizations to help support the air show.  There are some options for volunteers & groups to make monies in paid positions during the air show weekend. You can learn more about our non-profit opportunities by filling out a volunteer application agreement below.

Applicants must fully complete and sign this Volunteer Application Agreement.  Scan and email application to info@wingsovermyrtlebeach.com or fax application to (866) 404-4783.  The air show Volunteer Coordinator will review all applications and confirm your participation duties, dates, times, etc. Questions may be directed to the air show office at (706) 291-0030. 

2018 WOMB Volunteer Application

Volunteer Guidelines

We want to thank you in advance for assisting us with executing Myrtle'Beach Air Show weekend! We rely on volunteers to be able to present this world class show to the Coastal Carolina community!

Please take a moment to review the guidelines for participating as a Volunteer with the 2018 Wings Over Myrtle Beach air show.

Age Requirements: Minimum 16 and Up

Physical Requirements: Depending on the station that you are assigned you may be required to lift or move items. For example — cases of drinks, water, ice, tables, chairs, etc. You must be able to stand for a period of time and be able to perform duties in the outdoors.

Guidelines: Each volunteer will be assigned to a duty station/area. If a volunteer has a family member under the age of 16 and plans to bring them they must purchase a ticket and make arrangements to have children with a non-volunteer. No one under the age of 16 will be allowed in the volunteer stations/areas!

Expectations: We are offering you the opportunity to volunteer in a fun, friendly, family environment, but this is serious business at the same time. Each volunteer is an integral part of the show activities insuring our attendees have the best experience possible. We expect each volunteer to conduct themselves professionally, speaking respectively to each other and our thousands of attendees. We ask that you arrive on time (as directed by Volunteer Coordinator), be conscientious and helpful. We will provide you a meal per shift provided in the Volunteer Center. Bottled water will also be provided. You will be relieved for breaks accordingly.

The air show event Liability Insurance Policy requires that all of these guidelines are adhered to. If you are able and willing to conform to what has been presented, please complete & submit the attached Volunteer Application. We look forward to working with you.

Again we want to make this a fun, pleasant and safe experience for everyone!